About Us

Cryo Boutique is a wellness and a rejuvenation center located in Queens. Cryo Boutique promoting whole body cryotherapy as an alternative, holistic and non invasive method of treatment by exposing the body to hyper-cooling temperatures for few minutes. This new innovative treatment promotes many health benefits, accelerates injury recovery & tissue healing, facilitates the anti-aging process, boosts metabolism and wellbeing. In Cryo Boutique, you will find the latest model of an activecryo sauna and a professional staff. The professional staff who is dedicated to provide the best and joyful experience during your cryotherapy treatment from the moment you enter to the moment you decide to book another treatment.   

At Cryozone you can also find the following services promoting beauty and skin care: 

  1. Micro-Puncture Lab Treatment-Collagen Induction TherapyThis treatment allows natural growth of thicker, brighter, and younger skin due to micro-perforations created by a skin pen. An ideal treatment for uneven skin with acne scars, for mature skin with lack of elasticity, it also helps with hyper pigmentation and overall better appearance. A cocktail of super active amino acids, vitamins, and serums are then applied to the skin, improving the treatment’s long lasting effects of refining the skin, smoothing lines and minimizing scars.  
  2. OxyGeneo® treatment  OxyGeneo® treatment provides the only 3-in-1 Super Facial: Exfoliation, Hydration and Nourishment. Patented and clinically proven OxyGeneo® technology results in unparalleled skin nourishment & oxygenation, for smoother complexion and younger looking skin. Results are seen after only one treatment but for longer lasting results series of 5 treatments are recommended. 
  3. French Sudatonic Slimming and Detoxifying Body Wrap  An infrared blanket is used with Sudatonic creams to flush toxins out of the body. There is a notable improvement in skin texture, weight loss, reduction of cellulite, and diminished stretch marks. This relaxing wrap burns an average of 1,500-3,000 calories. 

Even More in CryoZone

  1. Eyelash Extensions  Enhance your individual lashes, add instant volume, curl and length to thin, short lashes with an Eyelash Extension treatment. This is perfect for fine or sparse natural lashes.
  2. Airbrush Tanning